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Quick update on Vogelsong

In Baseball on September 11, 2012 at 1:01 pm

Heckuva’ job, Vogie.

Because nothing is worse than watching Joe Flacco succeed, I switched off Monday Night Football for the Giants game last night to see if I’d been right in my post about Ryan Vogelsong last week. He once again struggled, giving up three doubles and a home run en route to a five inning, four earned run game.

His change-up, which he used sparingly, continued to creep closer to the velocity of his fastball (which I should say looked very good, reaching as high as 94 on Comcast’s radar at least once). This resulted in more curveballs, and he wasn’t getting a lot of movement on those as you can see from a FanGraph of last night’s game.

Pitch movement 9/10

So yeah, not good. Here’s what he had to say to The San Francisco Chronicle following the game:

“Vogelsong was not at a loss. He said he is not hitting spots, and mechanics are part of the problem. In one start, his left side is askew. In the next, it’s his right.”


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